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“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”
Matthew 28:19

     While the mission field can range from those lost within our own backyard to others in the most remote regions of the globe that also need to hear about the Good News of Christ, World Missions Today strives to mobilize all who are willing to personally make an impact anytime, anywhere, as Ambassadors of Christ’s love. 

Our Team of Missionaries


Bruce & Kay Mumm

In 1989, Bruce & Kay Mumm founded World Missions Today, for which Bruce served as its president until 2018.  Bruce has been ordained with the Assemblies of God for 50 years.  His academic accomplishments include a B.A. in Education, a Bible degree, and a Master’s in Missions from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri.  He and his wife Kay have served foreign missionaries since 1971, in several regions of the world.  Additionally, Bruce has worked in television media for over 35 years, currently co-producing a half hour program called Influence Living, where they participate in development and production of the ministry.  Bruce is a board member of World Missions Today and he and Kay serve as pastors of Victory Church Motueka, New Zealand.   

Ricardo Jusino 2.1

Ricardo Jusino

Ricardo Jusino is a Registered Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, currently working towards licensure at NeuMind Wellness Group in Orlando, Florida. Ricardo holds a Masters in Psychology with a Major in Marriage and Family Counseling, from Carlos Albizu University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Puerto Rico and holds an Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from the University of the Nations.

At an early age, Ricardo found God’s purpose for his life. He joined Youth With A Mission Puerto Rico, an international and interdenominational non-profit organization, where he became a full time missionary and director of the Discipleship program. Through counseling, teaching, training and humanitarian work, he served and ministered to children, youth and adults for 20 years, in more than 35 countries, on 5 continents.

Currently, with his wife, he is part of the couples ministry mentors and facilitators of his church’s premarital counseling program. They are also Life Coach certified.


Ibrahim Sakuda

Ibrahim Sakuda is the current President of Agape Interdenominational Fellowship. Ibrahim and his wife Alice have served in leadership positions in various churches and ministries. He started serving as a youth leader in his local church in Kenya where he mentored many youths who later became pastors, while others have well established careers that support Ministry work. 

Ibrahim’s passion is to see the body of Christ holistically empowered and united to preach the gospel of Christ, to the whole world. He was born in Kenya and has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics and a masters degree in healthcare Informatics from Egerton University and the University of Central Florida respectively.

Ibrahim believes that churches and ministries will have a greater impact when they network, partner and unite with each other.

Ruth Romero Valverde

Ruth Romero Valverde

Ruth Romero Valverde is a missionary in the country of Costa Rica.  In 2010, she was invited by pastors in Panama to evangelize in the plazas and streets of Panama.  There, a need for missions was created in her heart.  After a time, she has been seeing to the needs in different places and to different groups, churches and on a personal level with people.  Her main focus today is on the children of the Dominican Republic.  There is a desire to help these children with tools to help them both spiritually and physically.  The enormous need of these children and hunger they have for Christ has inspired her immensely to be able to set up food halls that will serve as places for them to learn about Christ and the tools to help them become leaders in their communities


David & Damaris Beam

David Beam, as a young man, went to help in Guatemala after the devastating earthquake of 1976.  David was helping destitute families in a refugee camp in Guatemala City when he met Damaris who joined him and his team and their efforts to help the Guatemalan people in the refugee camp. 

David and Damaris fell in love, having a common heart to help the poor, and they were married in Guatemala in 1982.

David and Damaris minister in Guatemala in a variety of ways; building homes and schools, teaching and singing and encouraging others in the Lord.  They have established three churches in Guatemala.  They also have an outreach with pastors in Cuba.

 David and Damaris have two daughters; Sandy and Ruthie, who were raised in Guatemala and now have families near Orlando, Florida. 

 David and Damaris have their home in the mountains of Guatemala, near Guatemala City.  Presently they help the children at an abandoned railroad tracks, building homes with what they call the SHACK ATTACK and helping the children go to the Christian school by the Tracks. They work with a feeding center in a village called San Miguel de las Flores, and they also minister with their church in Guatemala City called RIO DE SU PRESENCIA.


Gabriel & Silvia León

Gabo and Silvia got married on December 18th, 2016

They started to work together with David and Damaris Beam, by helping them with transportation, translation, and organization with the sponsorship program.

 Gabo and Silvia are serving in a small village called “San Miguel las Flores”, located in the south of Guatemala City, around 50 miles from it.

 They also work on planning youth retreats, where they preach, have fun, and minister to the young people, now they are including kids on this program.  They believe that the best you can do is to invest your own life in the lives of those that matter!

 They have also participated by leading youth retreats in Cuba!

 Gabo and Silvia have two beautiful kids, Juan Marcos who is three years old and Elena Isabel who is almost one year old, both kids are the proof that God answers prayers.

 Their purpose is to preach the Gospel, pray for the sick, and give support to needy families.

 As a family, they attend Iglesia Reforma in Guatemala City. They are part of a Community where they learn and share about Jesus.