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How We Help

Providing Education

WMT comes alongside churches and leaders who offer quality Christ-Centered education to children in their local communities. We provide support and practical hands-on ministry tools. We take seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of the relationships and schools/churches we partner with. WMT is committed to long term relationships that serve those we are walking alongside . We encourage our experienced schools to serve and mentor the new schools by sharing their best practices. Our prayer is that Christ-centered schools will eventually transform a family, community and the Nations.

Equipping Pastors

WMT comes alongside churches and leaders who are passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission. We believe empowering the church leaders/Pastors is the most strategic and cost effective way in spreading the Gospel. Nationals are better equipped to reach their own people. WMT partners with church planters/Pastors with mobilization, strategic church planting, training, buildings, education, and other initiatives like wells that open the doors for the Gospel to impact the culture.

Planting Churches

Strategically planting churches opens doors for cultural change. Wherever the Gospel is preached it has impacted cultures. The local church plays a crucial role in fulfilling the Great Commission. WMT partners with church planters that teach, proclaim and explain the scriptures in the power of the Gospel. God requires us to go and make disciples. This is central. Not going and making friends, or feeding the hungry or to live in safety, or to be popular we are to go and make disciples. Once the church has been planted we endeavor to invest in a building. This becomes a protection in the community, a presence and a sending out place for evangelism.

Increasing Discipleship

The great commission clearly says we are to go and make disciples of all Nations. Discipleship and evangelism are the priorities of WMT. Evangelism comes first than discipleship. We encourage our partners to cultivate a Christian worldview and training to follow Christ in every area of their lives. Jesus has commissioned us by HIs Spirit to empower us to go and make disciples. In dependance on Jesus we go forward recognizing His promise that I am with you always. We have Jesus, we have everything we need to increase discipleship.