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2023 Update

We had a great year in 2023, God allowed us to serve over 100 lunches for over 100 children each week, and we received a donation of 3,500 pounds of fortified rice, we blessed 70 families with rice, and we have a good store to start this year in the Feeding Center. We closed the year with a big Christmas celebration for our kids with toys and lots of food.
God has been great with us!

In these first days of January, we have already served food 8 times for our children, and we have finished the entrance in concrete so the building does not flood when we have rain.God has been great with us!

Also last year we started the construction of our house, and we are very close to finishing, and being able to move, as family we are very happy to have a refuge to return to every day. (Thank you very much for your financial support)

We have many plans and ideas for this year, and we want to thank you for being part of what God is doing in Guatemala and San Miguel.
God bless you.

Gabo & Silvia Leon

Christmas Project Update

To our Christmas project donors…THANK YOU!

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the joy and happiness of our kids in San Miguel.

December 16th, was the day we scheduled for our Christmas Celebration, our ministry is conformed by our little family, and we are supported by our parents, this year a cousin of mine help us with the pictures, a friend gave her time together with her family and did the face painting…kids were in love with it.

Gabo’s grandma shared the lesson “Decision”, that was based on Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

Believe me when I said that we have let God to lead our ways here in San Miguel, this year was an extraordinary year for the kids and for the Pastor’s vision and mission. A new area to feed the kids, a new kitchen and new appliances too, a better classroom for the kids, we fixed the electricity and finish the walls with a plastered cement.

But you know what was the best part of all (without taking God’s first place)…for the first time we took HAPPY MEALS to the kids and beside we had some troubles with the people at the restaurant…we had the best reward KIDS WERE SURPRISED with McDonalds and not just them, mothers, Pastor Miguel and the ladies that help each week at the kitchen were blessed with a Happy Meal, they probably were trying it for the first time, something that we can buy to our kid at least twice a month, so THANK YOU! Because you made this possible.

That meant a lot to them, to us and especially to me, as a mother that wants to spoil her kids sometimes, I did spoil 260 kids, and here are some pictures of the happy day where they had a special meal, cake and candies!

Our friend Erik Sampson sent a container of Manna Packs, rice fortified with vitamins, to Guatemala, and shared with our ministry 350 boxes (11,340 pounds of rice), of which Gabriel and Silvia took 300 boxes to help the hungry families from the church and feeding center in the village of San Miguel de las Flores.

What a tremendous blessing it was, a couple days ago, for the families of San Miguel de las Flores to receive Manna Packs, with each box containing 36 pounds of rice!

Here is a picture of Gabriel and Silvia with Pastor Miguel in his church, and one of the girls from the feeding center showing what each Manna Pack looks like.

As you can see, kids were eating on their feet in a very small room.
As you can see, kids were eating on their feet in a very small room.
From last year to this year we have taken more than 1,700 pounds of food to San Miguel's families.
Our faces express everything, we were so happy to see the foundation and walls.
The roof is up and the shade we have now is so great!
Our builder challenge, we decided to build concrete tables and benches.
Pictured are Pastor Miguel and Silvia, who are very happy to see this project almost completed.
Gabriel and I, standing in the front of the building.
This picture was taken Sept 15th. We are almost ending this project.

San Miguel Las Flores Project New Feeding Area.

Materials Budget

  • Foundation & Walls $1,450
  • Floor $615
  • Columns $440
  • Drainage & Drinking Water $110
  • Concrete Tables & Benches $640
  • Rustik Sink $45
  • Electricity $270
  • Gable Roof $2,100

Costs are aprox to the actual cost. Labor is not included.

Please, prayerfully consider how your gift can be used to assist the people of Guatemala.