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Dominican Republic


Our purpose is to provide a safe environment for children who live in extreme poverty and usually receive just one meal a day, as well as provide education and Christian teaching.

Project 1

Municipio Consuelo, Calle Las Mellizas #8, Barrio Invi

Project Overview

This project, supervised by Ruth Romero, in the town of Consuelo, will serve approximately 40 children.  Along with Ruth, there will also be wellness service provided by a child psychologist, Gresiy Esther, MD.  Pastoral care will be led by Alfonso Dominique and culinary services will be led by Ana Del Carmen.  

The project consists of classes such as Bible (spiritual formation), arts and crafts (labor formation), English and music (personal growth & enrichment).  

The structure will be in the formation of two groups: Group One, (ages 9-13) & Group Two, (ages 14-18).

The groups will meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm-8pm.  

Project Description

The purpose is to spread the Gospel among the children in hopes that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, while simultaneously instructing and preparing them to become men and women with necessary labor skills, so that they can expand the possibilities of economic opportunity as they live according to the Word of God as true disciples of Christ.

Our vision is to help children become productive young adults empowered and capable to contribute to society, both secularly and spiritually. 

Our mission is to rescue the children regardless of whatever situation they may be in and provide them with the genuine love and peace that only Jesus can give.

Project Status Update

Currently, there are no other donors supporting this project…

Kitchen essentials

The foundation is in need of one-time items.  

Cooking utensils

The Monthly Budget

Aside from basic pantry items, such as flour, sugar oil, salt, sauces, etc., the foundation is factoring in everything that will contribute toward preparing healthy, wholesome meals.  

Menu items alone amount to $315.30

Total Monthly Operational Cost

Other expenses would include the salaries of  the instructors and staff, which estimate $524.50 a month.

Total Monthly Operational Cost: $839.80

Project 2

"Jehova Saves Pentecostal Church"

Santo Domingo North, Sector Paraíso Escondido,
Calle Duarte, Barrio Punta de Villa Mella,
Yamasá Road, Km 18

Project Overview

Our mission is to contribute to the development of these children and adolescents in the spiritual, physical and mental, developing the means to offer different activities such as courses of crafts and various outings.  

We are working with 50+ children whom we are able to feed twice a week, thanks to some support we have received.  As the need remains, we ask that you prayerfully consider giving so that we can continue providing and expanding our assistance.

There are specific areas that need financial attention that we alone cannot address.  

What are the immediate needs?

Total Monthly Operational Cost… $250

Donation needed for kitchen equipment… $550

Please, prayerfully consider how your gift can be used to assist the people of Dominican Republic.