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Relief Food Program Distribution

Pokot Vulnerable Community in Kenya are receiving the word of God today during relief food program distribution thank you the World Missions Today.

Christmas Feeding Event in Kenya

December 20-24, 2023


The primary goal of the feeding event was to address immediate food needs and alleviate hunger for 380 households from three different communities/villages; Kimuka in Kajiado County, Enkureroi in Narok County and Kathiani in Machakos County during the Christmas season. Each household was provided with essential food items. Most places have received rain but because most pastoralist lost all their animals, most families are still starving. 

Program Overview: 

  • Partnerships: The events were organized in collaboration with Enkata Empuan, a community-based organization and AIC church from Enkureroi community in Narok county, Shilo Prayer Center from the Kathiani Community in Machakos, and Family Chapel Ministries from the Kimuka community in Kajiado County. 
  • Target Beneficiaries: Identified through a needs assessment, the 380 households selected demonstrated vulnerability to food insecurity. 
  • Duration: The event took place between 20th-24th December 2023. 

Logistics and Procurement: 

  • Food Procurement: All food items were procured from reputable suppliers to ensure quality and safety. 
  • Transportation: Logistics were carefully managed to transport the food items to the distribution site efficiently. Each local community partner took care of the transportation cost 

Distribution Process: 

  • Registration: Beneficiaries were registered to ensure fair and transparent distribution. 
  • Distribution Stations: The Kimuka team was distributed at the Sakuda’s home, Kathiani was distributed at Shilo Prayer Center Campus while Enkureroi distributed their food at the community’s elementary school. 
  • Volunteer Support: Each local community partner trained volunteers who assisted in the distribution process, maintaining order and providing assistance to beneficiaries. 

Food Items Distributed: 

Each of the 380 households received a package containing: 

  • 6 kg packets of corn flour 
  • 4 kg of wheat flour 
  • 2 kg of green grain 
  • 500 grams of cooking oil 

Impact Assessment: 

  • Immediate Relief: The event provided immediate relief to the households, addressing their basic food needs. 
  • Nutritional Support: The distribution of diverse food items aimed to contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet. 
  • Community Engagement: The event fostered a sense of community and solidarity among participants. 

Flow of the Event: 

  • Enkureroi and Kimuka started with sharing of the word by local pastors, then distributed the food. 
  • Kathiani community sponsored the needy in the community in a week conference 11-16th Dec 2023, the distributed the food. More than 250 people received Christ during the conference, 40 of them were beneficiaries of the food that was distributed. 


The feeding event successfully reached 380 households, providing essential food items to those in need. The collaborative effort of partners, efficient logistics, and community engagement contributed to the overall success of the event. Continuous evaluation and adaptation of strategies will be crucial for future initiatives. 


We extend our sincere gratitude to World Mission Today and their partners for their generous food donations during this Christmas season. Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” May the Lord reward you for your kindness and compassion. 

Finally, we appreciate the volunteers from the local communities; Shilo Prayer Center, Enkata Empuan, and Family Chapel Ministries for their support and collaboration in making this event a success. 




Report by: Ibrahim Sakuda, Agape Interdenominational Fellowship

Please, prayerfully consider how your gift can be used to assist the people of Kenya.