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Project Information

We are Jeff and Lisa Kell. We live in the Daytona Beach area. We have been short term missionaries to the country of Romania for 22 years. We serve in Sate Mare’, Oradea, and the Village of Ardud. We dearly love the people of Romania, several who have become like family!

We have served in many capacities: Kid’s Camps, Teaching in the actual School System, Built many Churches, Served numerous families. Through Jesus Christ and many generous donors, like yourself, we have been able to help and lead to Jesus literally hundreds.

We will be answering the call this coming fall of 2024 once again, as we have been asked to return to Romania and teach Music, Art and Bible in a School in Oradea. We are especially looking forward to getting to lead “Teacher Training” in the area of making the Bible fun and relevant for the young child.

We will answer this call and we sincerely hope you will choose to be a part by remembering us when you pray and donating if you’re able.

We look forward to many more years of Service to the country of Romania.

Past Missions

Please, prayerfully consider how your gift can be used to assist the people of Romania.