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About Us

World Missions Today was founded in 1991 in Fort Smith Arkansas, primarily as a covering for some missionary families.   Over the years, WMT has planted several churches and founded a TV ministry called Influenced Living, which currently telecasts both nationally and internationally. 

In October 2018, Glen Dubois was invited to join the WMT Board to expand its mission outreach and put in place strategies to further develop its potential to spread the Gospel.  By December, he had been asked to assume the position of President.  

He brings with him a solid history of connecting with and building strong relationships with pastors, missionaries, laypeople, churches and organizations around the world over the past 25 years.  This, coupled with a strong record for raising resources and organizational leadership, has already proven that he can successfully develop and lead a strong WMT team, along with his closest teammate and wife, Linda. 

Strategies will be structured to identify, develop and support targeted opportunities to spread the Gospel, including equipping and mobilizing short-term and long-term missionaries, equipping pastors and evangelists, children’s education, feeding the hungry, church planting, providing medical care, supplying transportation, preaching, construction, television and online ministry, etc. This will all be accomplished primarily in partnership with existing pastors, churches, missionaries and organizations, that have a God given vision and a need of personnel, support and resources.

Everything WMT does will be in the context of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Feeding or educating a child, equipping a leader, or constructing buildings without presenting the Gospel will not bring about permanent transformational change. If Jesus is the only thing with the power to change people’s hearts, then Jesus must be the solution and the Gospel must be woven into every aspect and program of World Missions Today.